How can I introduce green vegetables in my 11-month-old's diet? Can anybody suggest some recipes?

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Besides making purees, how about making a healthy smoothie for baby? You can incorporate green veggies like kale or spinach to the smoothies along with other of baby's favourites fruits and veggies. This page has some recipe ideas you can try:

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If you are feeding LO porridge, you can put any vegetable(broccoli, spinach, xiao bai Cai, beetroot n others) in it n cook together. Vegetable purée also can offer to LO.

Hi, You can make Dalia with chopped veggies in it, also stuff parathas will do. My son loves both.

Of course. Finely chopped spinach/broccoli cooked with porridge and fine fish flakes.

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try different veggies, maybe one of them she will like, my girl esp. like broccoli

Either purée or I mixed it together in the porridge

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Cook it with porridge or Google for more recipes(:

I usually make purees for my baby

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Blend it and put in porridge