Hi mommies.. My baby is turning 3 months old in few days weve been putting him to sleep inside his pram when he was 3 weeks old as he vomits his milk despite burping him (prem can elevate head). Now we wanted to put him back to his cot after putting him to sleep but then once we lay him down inside the cot he will sleep few minutes then cry. I feel that he is not used to the cot anymore. Pls help. He is growing and looking at him inside his prem i feel he dont have enough space to move. Thank u mommies

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Super Mum

You can still try to see if he will allow you to swaddle him so he feels more secure.. because it’s a lot more snug and cosy in the pram than the cot. Otherwise you’ll need new methods to put him back to sleep, like patting. Turn him on his side, gently hold his hands together then use your other hand, cup your hand and pat him firmly and slowly (1 pat per second)

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4y ago

Yes if he cries will take him and he will dose off again.. Will try the swaddle cuz when he was 1month and a half we din swaddle him anymore as he will cry and cry with the swaddle on. Thank u mommy