How to sleep train a 3-4 month old if he cosleep with us?

Any advice? Or do I need to put him in another room? He will start sleeping ard 10pm, then wake up every 2 - 3 hours in the motn to feed(e.g 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am). I will breastfeed him to sleep then put him back in his bassinet. Sometimes he poops and wakes up.

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You can research the different methods and see which one works for your baby. I heard of many success stories but my baby didn't respond well to it. In fact I think she was traumatized by the experience... I have another friend who gave up after 1 month because her baby didn't decrease crying yet woke up even more than before.

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why do you want to sleep train? sleep training mostly involves ignoring your baby cries such that they give up and stop calling out. is that what you want?

5mo ago

It is proven that good sleeping habits increased sleep duration. whether or not sleep training made baby learnt to have good sleeping habits is another thing altogether, but one part of good sleeping habits is to let baby learn to sleep more independently. Also, it is to remove all the sleep crutches for the baby. If baby already has good sleep habits, then sleep training would not be very useful. If baby already has the ability to sleep quite independently, then crying in the middle of the night definitely means baby has some issues needed to be fixed, as opposed to baby having a habit of waking to snack just because it's a habit, although healthcare research would not recommend sleep training for babies as young as 3 months.

We cosleep and feed to sleep and baby sttn. Baby will naturally sleep through when ready.

Challenging; just put in another room

5mo ago

ya, just turn on white noise to max and ignore any cries for the arbitrary duration specified in the ST program