Spotting at 6 Weeks

How are you guys? I'm a little worried. I've been having light brown spotting for 4 days in a row now. It's not a lot but it's there whenever I wipe. Yesterday I had a bit of clotting/stringy mucus this. Sorry too much info! I'm having some "period-like" feeling such as lower back ache and slight cramping in my lower abdomen. It's not really painful, I can feel it and it's just annoying and it's making me cranky. I went to KKH 2 days ago and the doctor prescribed me some progesterone pills. Did a vaginal ultrasound, no heartbeat yet but baby seems to be growing at the correct GA counting from my ovulation date. My next appointment will only be in 2 weeks time. I'm not sure if I should worried. Doc told me that it's normal.. Yet I feel like my period is coming. ? Does anyone go through the same thing? Spotting for a few days that come with back ache and some cramping?

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Super Mum

It’s normal. Normal to worry too. Make sure u get enough rest, don’t exert. Take the medication given. For now, that’s all you can do unless it gets worse I.e. fresh red blood.

2y ago

Thank you so much! Got so worried and scared. 😊

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I had spotting for almost 2 wk and occasionally my leg will cramp when I just found out I'm pregnant. everything turns out okie in the end.

2y ago

That's so great to hear! Thank you for sharing with me your experience. Definitely eases my mind a little. I 😊