Spotting for more than 2 weeks

Hi mummies, I have been experiencing spotting on 6 August. I had a bleeding on 12 August (week 6) and went to o & g that night at kkh. Luckily all was good. Got to see baby and heartbeart. I took hormones as prescribed by my doctor. But I'm still having spotting and I'm really worried. It's been more than 2 weeks and I should be going on week 8 by end of this week. Is this normal? :( I'm seeing my doctor for a scheduled appt this friday.

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Hi mummy, try not to move too much, and lie on the bed all day if possible. I had spotting in my early pregnancy too, and bleeding at week 6 (red blood but not a lot like period kind). And bleeding again at week 17. Both occasions gynae asked me to bedrest, and dont stress because it will affect the baby as well.

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Hey mama, all should be fine as long as you’re not bleeding like you’re having your period. I remember spotting till rather late in my first trimester with our second.