Pulsating Feeling in Lower Abdomen

I've been having a pulsating feeling in my lower abdomenand it's quite regular like once every few seconds, way below my belly button and it has been consistent the past 2 days. I'm not sure if it's something I should be worried about. Just wanna ask for the advice from other mothers on what it could be

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i have that feeling sometimes too. usually happened when im lying down. i read from others it could be baby hiccups :) so dun worry its a gd sign.

3mo ago

thank you! Hahaha tend to be over thinking things lately :")

Haha cute! I have them too and notice it at night when I’m lying down. I researched and understand it’s hiccups :)

3mo ago

thank you!! I tried researching but just wanted to reassure myself too!!

Baby is practising breathing, the pulsating feeling is their hiccups 😄

3mo ago

ahaha thank you so much!