First time mummy! Bleeding at 7 weeks..

Hey there mummies! I’m 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday I noticed some bleeding. I’m still bleeding now too so it has been 2 days. I wouldn’t call it very heavy but almost like light period bleeding. Not sure if I’m just spotting or if I’m experiencing a miscarriage... my first appointment with KKH will only be in 6 days and they don’t have any earlier slots... should I go into the emergency clinic or ride it out and monitor? #pleasehelp

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Is it fresh blood or brown? If fresh, I suggest that you go for a consultation with your gynae asap. When I had bleeding at 6 weeks, I went to the a&e and my gynae had me scanned to check if the baby is still there. Also told me no need to go to a&e next time, just visit clinic. oh well, first pregnancy!

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Go check cos they can give you med to stabilise things. :)

Go a&e immediately to check.