Pregnancy Symptoms?

Hello! So I had spotting 11 days before my period due date. The spotting was a few drops of pinkish/brownish blood that lasted for 7 days. I had cramps and lower back ache during the spotting (still having) In 4 days time, my actual period is supposed to come. I have headaches during the spotting period. Also, my stomach is rumbling all the way eventhough I'm not hungry. Is these pregnancy symptoms? Or just in my Head?

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Super Mum

They aren’t common for pregnancy. If your actual period doesn’t come for a week, would be best to do an actual pregnancy test. In the meantime, take folic acid and get some rest okay?:)

So how was it? Did u get pregnant? Wondering cos im experiencing smth similar. Period due 2 wks ago but i had spotting instead for 7 days. And this week, spotting again

It doesnt sound like a pregnancy sytoms to me.. Normally spotting did not last till 7 days.. Maybe can try and check when u are late for your menses.