How do you efficiently budget your monthly family income? How do you know the right amount to allot for each of your expenses? any suggestion would be a great help! :)

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I first deduct my tithes (Church commitment) and then I take out the exact amount for the bills and then our allowance for that period and lastly for savings. We don't allot budget anymore for our dine out, leisure and our wants. If we wish to buy anything aside from our needs, we make sure that we take it from our allowances.

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I have a list of the monthly dues like electricity, water bill, phone bill, internet bill, car loan, etc. Then on top of that I have the budget for our groceries and food if we want to eat out. Other miscellaneous like car repair, check ups, meds, etc. And of course, don't forget the savings. Try to save as much as you can. :)

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I do that too ..

Work out yr fix expenses monthly so that you don't over spend. Keep to yr spendings and if there is more for the month, it will b a bonus. You nees to cater to festuve periods and also occasions like birthdays, parents days, etc ...

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I list down all fixed payables for the month and the next coming months. Then I allot a portion from the remaining income for other unexpected expenses.

I try to write down daily expenses for me to aware if we are spending too much on something.