How much % of your monthly income do you allot to savings?

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I try to save at least 20% of my income but if I have more to save due to bonuses or less expenses, I'd definitely do so. The most I've saved in a month is about 60%. I was particularly proud of that because I tend to spend more than save hahaha. Like Share Reply

it depends po..minsan tlga di mo masave yung gusto mo amount kasi sa dami ng needs and payables, but what's important is makapagSave every month, big or small amount and wag galawin as much as possible.

Income - 30% of Income = Savings This should be the equation. I just forgot where I read this. But of course this isn't true for every household. Some get to save more while some save less.

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Depende, sakin kasi nagbabayad ako philhealth, SSS, at naghuhulog kami sa banko ng partner ko sa savings/joint account namin monthly plus nag iipon din ako sa piggy bank sa bahay..

20%-30% savings thru Health Fund for the children and Retirement Fund for me and husband. 10%tithes, the remaining for the expenses, pag may natira extra family dates. :-)

None pa at the moment. Tinatapos ko pa auto loan and maybe after that, I can already save up and invest for my children's future.

Very minimal at the moment due to the expenses. I haven't really allotted an exact amount to be saved on a regular basis.

We allot 35% of our combined salary to family savings. Then I allot 10% of my personal allowance to savings as well.

No fixed amount is allotted for savings yet at this time. I still have to fix our budget in the next coming months.

If it were up to me I'd save half of it, but because of the many expenses I end up saving only around 20%-30%