How do you deal with grandparents who have different viewpoints on child discipline? It's a struggle trying not to get into arguments!

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I think you need to stand your ground and explain to them why you are making a certain decision -- why you do it a certain way. It is very hard at times, especially when they are caring for your child. I had a no screen (tv/ipad) rule for my daughter and my mother made it very clear that she cannot maintain this rule on the days that she cares for my daughter. She does not have the energy to keep her occupied. So we had to arrive at a compromise.

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When we have different views on child discipline, I will avoid talking about the issue with the grandparents in front of my children. I will explain to the grandparents why I choose certain ways to discipline my kids and request them to respect my decisions. If they still interfere, I will keep the discipline behind closed door between myself and the kid.

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Let them know that the child is yours and you would like them to follow your method. Grandparents shouldn't assume that their method of discipline works for their grandchildren just because it worked for their own child.