How do you cope with jet lag with your kids. We are travelling to the US West Coast this December and there is a 16 hour time difference. I am Freaking out! Please help mummies.

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As you are travelling to west the jet lag won't be so bad (while it will worsen when you return). Some tips to deal with it will be 1. Try putting your kids back to sleep when they wake up 2. Keep the bedroom as dark as possible 3. Stick to routines. 4. Most important! Try staying awake till its bedtime and waking up at sunrise This will help you setup the routine 5. Be very careful with naps. A nap can turn into sleep time 6. Lastly make your kids play outside during day time Remember jetlag is not about being tired its just a disrupted sleep pattern

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@Shrutika has already offered a few great suggestions. Adding on to this - make sure that the kids' meal times are regular as well, and that screen time is limited, especially before bedtime in your destination country. I'm not sure how old your kids are (and you should definitely consult a doctor before trying this), but with older kids, melatonin supplements might also be an option. It's worked wonders for us!

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planning a long haul trip too! need those tips! thanks for sharing, Shrutika!