How do I teach my 3 year old that she should not bite other kids in school?

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Biting seem to be part of kid's developmental milestone from age 1 to 3 years. They bite for many reasons, from teething to checking the reaction of other people. They will eventually outgrow this. But of course, it is something that adults should discourage their kids to do if it causes harm to others. You can of course go down to the root of the problem. Find out why your kid is biting. Could he be: 1. In pain 2. Tired or frustrated. Angry they are not able to get what they want. 3. Acting out to get your attention 4. Checking the reaction of the other people. How they will react if they get bitten. Then you can react to the situation accordingly. - You can take him out of the playground when you think he is feeling tired or hungry. - Give him your undivided attention if you can. Read him a book, play with him or listen to his stories from school. This is so that he will not try to act out just to get your attention - Encourage him to express what he wants or feels in words. "Tell mama if you are angry"... - Give him something that can soothe him if he is acting out, like his pillow or dummy. Sometimes, they still do bite even after telling them or encouraging them not to do so. In this cases, you can be consistent and remind them that "No, we don't bite". I think it's the same as hitting other kids. You can tell "No, we don't hit. Hands are for loving and not for hitting." Hope this helps :-)

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First thing you have to do is determine why she engages in the behaviour. That's when you can solve the problem. Does she do it when she's upset or frustrated? If so, then teach her how to express herself (explain why she's upset) and managing her frustration (counting to 10 or playing until her anger dissipates). If she does it because she's excited or just for fun, then: give her other options to express her excitement; and other fun activities that aren't hurtful.

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You can tell her biting is wrong and we use teeth to bite food instead of biting people. Keep repeating and reminding of the wrong behaviour. You can borrow this book titled teeth are not for biting so your daugther can relate the situation better. If she only bites in school, try to check with teacher under what situation she bites? You can teach her anger management eg. Inform teacher if there is any bully in school. 3 years old is able to comphrehend well.

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Bite her lightly on her arm, just enough for her to feel pain but not enough to cause a bruise. Ask her if it's painful. When she agrees, tell her that nobody likes to be bitten because it is painful and good friends don't bite each other.

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