My 1.5 year old twins like to bite each other whenever they fight over anything resulting in many bite marks. It might be teething but they have teethers already. How can I stop this behavior?

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It is normal that kids bite each other. Ask any childcare center and there will always be cases of biting. They learn to explore the world with their teeth since young so that's their best attack and defense mechanism. We have to educate them firmly this behaviors is wrong. Really have to set a very very firm tone but don't use threat. Teaching siblings to share is sometimes very hard especially when both are the aggressive type . But since they are still so young keep trying to educate them. It is also good to teach them that sometimes it is not about sharing or about the elder have to give in to the younger one. We have to teach them the meaning of "wait", let the other sibling finish playing g with something first then the other one take his turn

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I do agree with Mummy Jaslyn. Educating your child that biting is not right. My child kept pulling my hair thinking it was fun so I pulled hers to let her feel pain and I asked "do you like it when mummy pulls your hair?", "do you like it?" and ended off with "cannot make people upset and cause pain". I kept repeating for a couple of times when she did it to me and finally gotten into her it is wrong to do that. Maybe you wanna try biting your twins? Else put them at naughty corner if they do it again after you telling them for the third consecutive time.

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I don't think it is due to teething since they bite each other during fights. U might want to educate them that they are not supposed to be inducing pain on each other