How do you divide the household bills? Who pays for what, if you are both working.

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We combine our salaries and we deduct everything from it.
my husband pay for big ticket item. i pay for everyday items
This is how my husband and i split our bills when it comes to household bills (we currently stay with inlaws so we save on the eletrcity bills) Wife - Kids hospital insurance -Personal insurance
Both hubby and me are working. Hubby will pass me 2/3 of his pay every month and that includes grocery, milk powder, diaper, bills & kid's sch fees. Almost Bao ga Liao except for his own expenditure.
hahha a. .. in this modern society... I am the finance controller... I pay all expenses all card all bills..... and control our spending....and do all the planning... as my hubby give 90% to me.... wh