Division of household bills

How do you divide the household bills? Who pays for what, if you are both working.

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We combine our salaries and we deduct everything from it.

my husband pay for big ticket item. i pay for everyday items

This is how my husband and i split our bills when it comes to household bills (we currently stay with inlaws so we save on the eletrcity bills) Wife - Kids hospital insurance -Personal insurance -Internet Bill -Maid Levy -Kids necessities expenses (Except milk powder and diapers)so vitamins, waterbottle and all from me. -whenever need to grab groceries,i will just get. Husband - Grocerries -Kids Life insurance and Mine. -Car Petrol. - School fees.

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Both hubby and me are working. Hubby will pass me 2/3 of his pay every month and that includes grocery, milk powder, diaper, bills & kid's sch fees. Almost Bao ga Liao except for his own expenditure. We dun really calculate who paid more or lesser. It's all about give and take.

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hahha a. .. in this modern society... I am the finance controller... I pay all expenses all card all bills..... and control our spending....and do all the planning... as my hubby give 90% to me.... which he trusted me so much. ..

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we only have a joint account and household bills, electricity etc are deducted from this account. each of us has a monthly allowance whereby we can spend on anything we want

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Depend how much you or are hubby is earning, i will say if hubby is earning more, of course he pay for most of it (the necessaries one, as i will spend on the kids without going through too much with him like what the toys, books to get. And groceries and baby essential items like diapers, fm (if needed) etc. ) it'll be like 70% him, 30% me. Guys don't really know how to save, hence girls have to safe for emergency and kids futures use for enrichment or anything else needed.

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we will combined all our income and pay all household bills. we will share the bundle with each other.

we have a joint account whereby we contribute part of our monthly salary to it. and we will use it to pay for our expenses.

Money issues are the biggest source of conflict in relationships. We have decide to create a joint account to combine both incomes. Contributed percentage is based on salary /ability.I no force my wife to contribute more as I understand she also need take care of my mother in law& father in law. We understand each other and it is best way to pay the household bills.

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