How do you cure that 2 hour insomnia right after you put your baby back to sleep/ 2am night feed in the middle of the night? *yawn*

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If you are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to take sleeping aid. You can try to rest your eyes, sometimes you can drift off to sleep without realising. Avoid using of the phone or iPad as electronics can make you stay awake. I read one article saying if you blink your eyes fast enough, they will get tired and you can fall asleep easier. You can also try to read a book but don't get too engrossed! If not you will end up with more than just a 2 hour insomnia.

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I have tried this method and found it effective: Essentially, it is just doing deep breathing for 4s, then 7s, 8s, and 9s. It helps to slow down the heart rate and will naturally relax the body and promotes sleep. I think it probably also helps prevent the mind from being distracted by other thoughts and helps one fall asleep.

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8y ago

@BoonCheong Same for me!! Glad that it works for you too. So simple and effective. :)

I always find a glass of warm milk to do the trick when I have insomnia or when I can't fall asleep after accidentally waking up at night. If it's really bad, you can try popping a sleep aid. Personally I take a melatonin herbal supplement whenever I get jetlagged or can't sleep. You can get those at Watsons or Guardian.

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Lol! Like me now.. I woke up to pump at abt 3+ and i am here scrolling and reading parent town. Hahaha! I will read n read until i fall asleep again.

I just have to think what I have to do first time in the morning when baby wakes up, and next time I knew, I was sleeping... Haha

@hui qun, it really works! Or perhaps I was too tired for rest of the day I just KO... :P

You may like to try this. It says 100% natural so it's safe for even breastfeeding mums.

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I make hot milo @ warn milk..

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A really boring book