How do you put your baby to sleep at night?

My boy is 9 weeks old, over the last week, he has been having difficulty going to bed at night - even after carrying , rocking, cuddling, playing, talking etc... He only managed to sleep around 1-2am, after waking up at 10pm. He doesn't have this issue during daytime tho... Any tips on how to solve this ?

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Swaddle? I suggest avoid talking and playing. Just afraid your baby might get used to it and refuses to sleep during the same timimg. Can try to adjust his sleeping timing earlier or later so that he doesn't wakes up at 10pm. Eg: if he sleeps at 8pm, try to talk & play with him to keep him awake so that he will sleeps later and wakes up later.

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Super Mum

Baby may still be experiencing day/night confusion though it should get better has baby gets older. But for a 2 month old.. I think it’s quite normal for baby to be awake for 1-2 hours before sleeping again for 1-2 hours. Every baby is a little different so sleeping for longer stretches at night may happen at different times as well.

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Also got difficulty w my 11 wk old! Tried starting bedtime routine at 815, 830, 845, 9, 915 etc will take very long to sleep!! :( usually will sleep around 12am. Even after rocking, swinging, cradling, nursing etc

it normal baby still adjusting, it's like baby jet lag, imagine in your tummy happy for so long and suddenly exposure to environment and rules.

Try to teach your baby circadian rhythm. Let your baby be exposed to light during the day and essentially no light exposure at night. :)

I think it’s pretty normal. At least he’s not crying!