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I would like to know if it is alright to use wet wipes during diaper change at home instead of tissue and warm water, since it is more convenient

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I will always wash in the sink with water and lil soap. Did this since baby was 2mths until nw she's almost 2 yrs old. Cz it's more hygienic. Wiping i think won't wipe away germs as effectively as washing in my belief. I want my baby/kid to feel comfortable in her diapers. But of course if she poops then i will use wet wipes to wipe the butt clean and then wash it off in sink. If pee pee then i'll wash it off straight. Will jz use wet wipes with alil more water if in public for convenience.

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If you have time & want to save money, self DIY use water and small plam size towel. If you don't have time and money is not a concern, buy a half a Carton or get a Carton of wet Wipes to use slowly. Wet Wipes are not very expensive, so most parents choose to buy Wet Wipes for convenience. Can get your wet Wipes via shopee or Qoo10 (Cheaper) instead of retail stores.

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Yes why not as Long it’s baby wipes. Suitable for baby’s skin Just that you may use up wipes often. So have to buy more wipes to stock up If you are concerned to spend $, then use cotton wool & water. Alternative use also ok.

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Do monitor to ensure baby’s skin does not react to the wet wipes. Otherwise can wash with water and dap dry properly with tissue. It may seem inconvenient with water but it really is much better from my own experience.

Yes of course. We have been using and is fine. Do try different brands and see which works best for u. I find some are better e.g. rougher so it picks the dirt or even ease of pulling out frm the packaging

Yes...why not. I have been using it for all the diaper change at home. If baby poops, i will apply mustela ( no rinse cleansing water) to the wet wipes to clean his bottom. It's so convenient.

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Yup, it’s all right to use them at home. Just that if it’s a poonami, I’d rather wash their butt in the shower room, so dun have to waste wet wipes.

If you want convenience then go for baby wipes. If you want to save money the go for cotton and warm water. I go for wipes 😁:)

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Of course can. Just that it'll be more expensive. Do make sure that baby's butt is not sensitive to the wet wipe though.

I use wet wipes throughout the day. Only when poo I will bring my Lo to the toilet to wash if I’m at home.