How big did you feel after delivery? I know i'll still have a bit of a bump but what size clothes should i pack in my hospital bag?

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Pretty hard to gauge dearm for me, after birth i went back to one size bigger then my usual. Im quite petited and lucky for me, after delivery i lost and went back to my usual size with a week. So i got something more versatile like a dress. Hard to measure the wasit line. :)

Bring bigger clothes. It may take time to lose a lot even if your baby is out. One thing I didn't expect was my breasts got even bigger because of milk. Double than how big it was when I was pregnant, so I ended up with ill-fitting bras.

I also brought my maternity clothes in my hospital bag. It's more comfortable to use loose clothes especially if you had a CS operation. Expect that you'll still be a bit bigger compared to your pre pregnancy size.

I used my maternity clothes as my "going home" outfit - pants and blouse. You can pack any clothes you used while you are pregnant because the tummy won't be really flat after the delivery.

loose shirt and loose pants or pajamas hirap kasi pag dress tas nagpapadede pero depende sa dress yung dress na nadala ko kasi is parang malaking tshirt hanggang tuhod so pahirapan itaas

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i wore jogging pants and comfy shirt when i was discharged. in the hospital naka pajama ako

Wear wrap dresses sis or button downs para easy access din for baby pag feeding 😊

I suggest bring nursing blouses or any loose tops if ur going to breastfeed.

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pajama tshirt yan duster comfortable ka na numiyan mamshie hehe

your pajama nun hindi ka pa buntis.., and nursing shirt