Morning Sickness

How bad is your morning sickness?

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Tulis jawapan

Soooo bad until i decided not to get pregnant again! 😂😅 i even made a list for that! - Nausea all day (feel want to vomit all the time) - Can't eat anything. Except chicken rice. - Vomit - Bloating stomach - Gastritis - Numbness at hand & leg - Breathing difficulty - Shortness of breath - Tired & too weak (lie down all day & night) - Excessive secretion of saliva - Pimples at my back of my body - Watery eyes - Swollen nose and it happen all the time!

Baca lagi

first trimester was unspeakable. it got to a point where i constantly vomited and couldnt eat anything. now im in my 2nd trimester and i cant stop eating and morning sickness only comes when theres a blue moon

Mine is all day sickness 🤢🥴 and 👩‍⚕️ doctor said that its normal for twin