Morning sickness advice

Hi, do you guys know on how to minimise morning sickness ? Im in my first trimester n my morning sickness is worst. Please help ??

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Tulis jawapan

Hi 🙂 I’m not sure on how to minimise. But I’ve read on ways that can help relieve morning sickness : - Choose your food carefully. Select foods that are high in protein, low in fat and easy to digest. Avoid greasy, spicy and fatty foods. - Snack often. Nibble throughout the day because an empty stomach may make nausea worse. - Drink plenty of fluids. - Pay attention to nausea triggers. Avoid foods or smells that seem to make your nausea worse. - Breathe fresh air. Take a daily walk outdoors everyday. - Take care with prenatal vitamins. If you feel queasy after taking prenatal vitamins, take the vitamins with a snack or just before bed. If these steps don't help, consult your doctor in regards to finding other ways on how you can get the iron and vitamins you need during pregnancy. - Rinse your mouth after vomiting. - Get plenty of rest. It is important to get a good night sleep. Napping during the day may help too, but not straight after a meal, as this can increase nausea. - Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Restrictive or tight clothing may worsen the symptoms of nausea. - Help for acid reflux. Sometimes, the nausea and vomiting may be due to acid reflux. Do check with your doctor. Hope you are feeling much better. Take care and hope this helps !

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