Is mocha frappe ok for pregnancy?

Hope it is ok!

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depending on the size of the drink and probably not everyday? I recommend this site if you wish to check out the caffeine content of a Starbucks drink (assuming you are consuming Starbucks, sorry if I am incorrect):

Super Mum

There’s some caffeine, so probably just 1 a day! And no other coffee/tea/coke/caffeinated stuff on the same day:)

I took it decaf! :D but moderation always, it’s common to have cravings for a cup or two, but not daily.

Can! but in moderation..limit your caffeine intake as much as u can ❤️😄

Super Mum

At most once a day, or if you get from Starbucks you can ask for decaf

i still consume it but limit my caffeine intake


i still srink coffee but less frequently

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