Starbucks frappe

hello mummies! im just curious, does starbucks chocolate chip frappe consist of caffeine? is it ok to drink? currently im 35 weeks++, just craving for it but not sure if its ok to drink! #advicepls #firstbaby

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I think there's both cream based / coffee based. personally I didn't stop my caffeine intake but just lessen the times I drank them. like before pregnancy I used to drink 2 cups a day , now I limit to 1 cup of caffeine. you can basically drink/eat anything in moderation. ☺️

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I love starbucks chocolate chip frappe too! I don't think there's coffee inside but chocolate do contain certain amount of caffeine. As long as it's not dark chocolate I don't think the caffeine level is very high


it's ok to drink. i don't limit my food/drink intake. all 3 babies are healthy and well. if you are worried then just take everything in moderation.

Once in awhile is fine. I’ve personally drank a lot of bbt/coffee/chocolates without decaf (never tried decaf ones before) 😂 Baby is healthy.

Once in a while is ok, I just reduced the caffeine in take during pregnancy, didn't give up completely

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It’s ok to drink. Caffeine is ok if limited to one cup a day

I actually asked the barister before she said no caffine!!

Everything in moderation!

Just ask for decaf

its ok to drink..