fever and teething

Hi my son is teething but also came down with a fever of 39 Celsius. Is this normal for teething? From what I read online, it seems to be on the higher side. Should I take him to the paed?

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I would bring him to the paed if fever hovers arnd 39 Celsius. Teething may cause mild fever but seldom high fever. The fever could be due to something else. http://m.kidshealth.org/parent/general/teeth/teething.html

you should call /text your pedia and ask for advice, my son had fever also , constantly pooping and had diaper rashes but when the first tooth came out everything was back to normal.

Experienced the same but immidiately gave her paracetamol dropsevery 4-6hrs and tipid sponge bath every 2hrs and monitor her temp every 30mins it lowered down back to 37 after few hours

Just give paracetamol every 4hrs if its still at 39 degrees. Monitor for 24hrs, if your son still at that temperature, go and seek for doctor's advice.

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Yes you should bring him to paed.Usually the dr will prescribe ibuprofen for high fever

hey its pretty late to reply now. So how is your son now ? did u take him to a paed ?