What type of teething gel is better for lo? Lo has a very bad teething this few days. Biting finger, fever up and down, making the teeth sound and being cranky and clingy..

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Detinox Teething Gel. Place in fridge to chill it den apply directly to gums. But this is usually my last resort. Buy it from Guardian for $8 a tube I will offer cold teether, teething rusk, teether accessories before teething gel

5y ago

Alright. Thanks!

Dentinox, purchased at any pharmacy. I do not use bonjela. Alternatively, cold spoon, hard biscuits, massage with your pinky.

Detinox Teething Gel is my life saviour. I chill it before applying.

5y ago

instead of teeth gel. Maybe u can try some chill biscuit or chill teether

I use dentinox for my kids too. Remember to put it in the fridge

5y ago

Alright. Thanks