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Hi mums, where do you get stylish yet affordable maternity/nursing wear in Singapore?

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don't waste money buying maternity clothes because you probably won't wear them after you give birth. I wore baby doll dresses or stretchable dresses (so my bump is obvious and people will offer their seat to me) that is my usual style with leggings most of the time. I can still wear them now even though i'm not pregnant anymore.. and they don't make me look pregnant :p

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ASOS has pretty maternity clothes, pants and dresses. If local, you can get from spring maternity and the materials are very comfortable. if you are looking for a cheaper options, search in qoo10 and there are many nice designs.

Try LATCHED ( it is a newly set up local brand that custom made their clothing so that it can both be worn during nursing and when you are not. They sell nursing and maternity wear as well as nursing bras too.

I got some of mine from spring maternity. The designs are chic but limited. They can be pricey as well. Most of my other clothes are from h&m basics which are stretchable material and I can still wear them even until now.

I didn't bother much about buying maternity clothes; waste of money since I'll be wearing for a few months only. But if you are looking, H&M have affordable maternity clothes and regularly have new designs :)

Tbh, when I was pregnant, I still wore my usual clothes and bought new stuff from normal stores (not specifically maternity wear). Just get a size or two larger, is stretchy and comfy.

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I get mine from JumpEatCry and Dear Collective - can be worn post maternity, with easy access for breastfeeding & best of all, it doesn’t look like maternity dresses :)

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23wks! I got mine from Bove Maternity.

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I bought a few outfits from Isabella Oliver and wore them constantly. A little pricey but it is worth the money if you want to look professional and not frumpy.

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u can try, carousell, or go to mothercare outlets to check it out. Can try to go baby fair too as sometimes there is good deals going on.

COOL! But how about nursing-friendly clothes? It's quite difficult to get button-down or zip front all the time, PLUS they need to look decent.. hahaha...