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Where can I get affordable maternity bra that's comfortable ? Thank you !

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ZWPJOFFICIAL on instagram! I’m wearing it almost everyday because i can’t fit into my pants anymore. There’s nightdress and also normal dress. Best part? you can wear it after giving birth because it’s breastfeeding friendly.

I bought mine from Our Bralette Club. Was trying to find a maternity bra that looks good too. It’s a little pricy about $30-$40 but it’s really worth it. You can check out their online store.

Shopee! I have 5 sets at my parents place and another 5 sets at my in-laws! And still wearing them now cause it’s so comfy! Hahaha and plus my boobs are heavy. Lol.

VIP Member got them from shopee! so comfy, i wore it for my 1st one, gonna re-use and wear them for my 2nd one!

cheap: go for maternity express. if you want something prettier, our bralette club!

I always buy from Maternityexpress (Shopee). cheap, simple and practical.

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Shopee cheap and good! I deduct until 1pcs $2 ish!

shopee! worth it! cater to plus plus size too

I got mine on SHEIN & Taobao. :)


envyher is comfortable