Hi would like to ask, currently i suspect i'm having postnatal depression. Where can i gt help? Do i need help? I been feeling irritated by small little thing, have a mum tat has depression before. Have one elder daughter turning 4 , and a newborn turning 2 months. Been cutting wrist last time whenever face prob. Now turn to tattoo for the pain relief. When tattoo i feel the relief and wan do it again. Is this the sign?

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ya...sounds like baby blues or post natal depression...u need a therapist who talks to u not prescribe medication. u need acknowledgement and appreciation and that's why you r frustrated. everything has come on u. u feel literally cooped up and like there's no one supporting u or even bothers about u. pls ask ur gynac doctr to recommend a therapist for this. I used to suffer from this and I found that early morning around 8/9 am stand in sunlight for 10 mints. sunlight is called source of life. it has in it properties that help us in ways we still don't know or discovered. try it. u won't have much to lose...in this condition the biggest challenge is to get up out of bed tht trapped mode we are in. depression is never heredity more as it is environmental. pls don't cut yourself. both ur kids need u. no one can ever replace u. more than anything pls remember that each Problm gets magnified in our minds. in reality they are very very small and solvable. so pls allow time to take its turns. this too shall pass

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