Feeling irritated and moody all the time

Currently in my week 24 and feeling very irritated and moody all the time. Sometimes just don't feel like doing anything and just scream at everybody. I had post natal depression before so I am not sure whether this is one of the signs that I am going to have it again. Nothing ever helps in the mood and just feel like the whole world is against me

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Sorry you feel this way Mummy. But I truly understand, there can be a lot of reasons why you are going thru this. Could be about your discomfort, overwhelming feelings about the future, among others. Just stay strong and you will get thru this. Try relaxing activities also to distract you. This article might help: https://sg.theasianparent.com/do-mood-swings-get-worse-in-the-second-trimester-heres-the-truth/?utm_source=search&utm_medium=app

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