When will my breasts start leaking?

Hi all, I'm a first time mum here. I would like to ask, around which week do breasts usually start leaking? I'm currently at Week 33 and I've been hearing so many people asking me if my breasts have started to leak. They have not and I am feeling a little worried. Is this a sign that means that I might have breastfeeding issues once I give birth?

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Yes dun worry… the milk will actually come once u start the expressing process… mine came 2nd-3rd day after expressing too… if u like, i believe u will have drops if u try expressing for a couple of days but i think u wont like when ya breasts start leaking lol… so dun worry abt it. Just look forward to your delivery first. Your milk will surely come

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Super Mum

Mine never leaked during pregnancy. And my milk supply came on the 3rd day after giving birth. Don’t worry about what people ask you:) Focus on getting enough rest before you give birth:)

8mo ago

Ahh.. I feel so much better reading your reply. Thank you so much!!

Don't worry abt it! Leaking or not, it doesn't determine the amt of milk u can produce. I had mine leaking frm 35th wk onwards but I struggled with supply aft giving birth.

don’t worry! i didnt leak at all even tried to collect colostrum but nothing came out, after baby born i had oversupply 😅

7mo ago

Did you consume any supplements?

Mine didnt leak at all throughout both pregnancies. Every mom is different so don’t compare and don’t be worried

no leaking at all but able to breastfeed my boy on the day he's born


usually 2 to 3 days after giving birth