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Help! My 3mo baby can only sleep /nap either in my arms or carrier in the day. I attempt to put her in bed after she falls asleep in my arms, she wakes immediately and cries. I've tried putting her in bed before she falls asleep and pat her, success rate is about 1%. I don't know what else I can do ?

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I went through those dark days too 😭 Zip swaddle plus super firm patting gave me a higher success rate for a while.. but failed after 4.5 months. Night sleep trained her at 4.5 months, then nap trained her at 5 months. Had to do cry it out method. Heart pain but nothing else worked. Now every day, for every nap and sleep, I just turn on white noise and fan, close curtains, walk out and close the door (baby monitor’s on). She sleeps on her own every time.

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Me old skool...I used the spring and batik cloth...just need the spring, cloth, special metal hanger, nylon rope and hook dead bolt to the ceiling...too much work? Then there is the automated ones with timer like the yaolan...

Try swaddling? My baby is turning 2mo and only prefers to sleep in our arms and putting her down to sleep us like a time bomb! Lol We went back to swaddling her when sleeping at night and it works!

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You can try baby wear or rocker, the one with net. When LO when NB is like that. So she will sleep in the net rocker. When out on cot or bed, will wake up immediately

2y ago

I have been baby wearing and she can sleep super long in it. Am just afraid it will make it a habit for her. Do you attempt to put baby down once she falls asleep in carrier or do u just leave her inside


Use yaolan