2 month old baby cannot stay asleep unless held

Hi mummies, I have a 2 month old baby and she cannot stay asleep unless held. I put her to sleep in my arms but the moment I put her down, she becomes wide awake and starts to cry and scream until her face and eyes gets red. I have tried to put the baby down while sleepy but awake, pat to calm her when she cries/make fuss, repeat the steps until baby falls asleep. However the more I try the more cranky the baby gets. How can I make her sleep in the designated sleeping place? I’ve been holding her throughout the day (she did not like the carrier) she is a short sleeper during day time (for some reasons, baby can lay flat and sleep at night for 4-5h), so I am very exhausted….:( I Would appreciate any advice from you! Thank you.

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Trying putting on white noise and jus stay engaged with her. See if using a carrier works so u can fre yourself. If not, just rest with your baby. My LO does it this alternatively too, 1 day of snuggling, sleeping on top of mummy

6mo ago

Ok. I will try. Thank you for your reply.

I feel you coz last time my ger also liddat. They will grow out of it! Hang on! I had to sit n slp wif her on my body or else i let her slp on my lap (learn my lesson no nd keep hold her haahha). Jiayou!!

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6mo ago

Thank you for your reply. It seems like I will need to continue holding the baby until the baby is ready. Hopefully this will grow out soon!