Milk strike and diarrea

Hi.. My 7.5months baby is on milk strike and diarrea. After every feed he will poop. Usually he will poop like 1-2times a day. Feeding wise he drank very little only from 180-200ml to 80ml or will never drank at all. Its been few days. All this started after he recovered from high fever few days ago. Seems like he loose weight. Before fever everything is good feeding wise all as per normal. Should i bring him to consult a doctor again? Or its normal for time being? Any mummies encounter the same issues before?

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I've encountered milk strike before. I realise after that it's due to teething. but it's only phase it will get better. you can try changing into straw cups and give it doesn't works for mine but some mummies mention it helps

i encounter bm strike then i gave fm he wants it lol