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my baby just turned 2 months. 1) she is on formula milk and poop only 2-3 times per week. is this normal? the texture is still okay and colour is okay too. just the frequency of the bowel movements. 2) when she drinking milk, it sounds like blocked nose but she doesn't have runny nose. she doesn't seem like having difficulty to breathe but i can't help it to feel pity for her. do i need to see a doctor for this? 3) my baby spit up everytime after milk but the amount is like 1-2 tablepoons. sometimes she will let her phlegm out after milk. is this normal? when do i need to change her formula? like what symptoms do i need to look out for? what kind of formula should i change to and the brand? she currently on S26. pls advice🥲 #FTM

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My baby also same as all the above. My doctor said it’s normal though. As long as it’s not merlion kind of vomit and for bowel movements he told me once every 2 days is ok. As for point 2) is it the teat too quick? Then baby need to catch a breath while drinking. Cos mine was and I changed to a slower teat and it’s better now.

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hmmm i feel like there isn't really an issue here. baby's nasal passage is small hence most likely the breathing - but try to pace it out and have her drink in slow pace just so she could take a breather. spit-ups are normal but not vomitting. having to poop 2-3 times a week seems normal too as long as colour and texture are good.

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quite normal, my baby also poop around 2 to 3 times when he is 1.5 to 2 mths old. He doesn't spit his milk but sometimes his breathing is like blocked so we took him to polyclinic and doctor says it's normal. even when my baby sleep at night, there is this hoarseness sound

suddenly my baby girl voice changed too ! I was so scared. but everything else is. normal for me

Sounds all are ok to me. My baby once went no poop for 5 days straight.