Having cough if take cough syrup, can I still breastfeed my baby or no??

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had cough and runny nose last month. I ddnt see a doctor. I drank lots of hot ginger tea honey lemon instead. Boil ginger for 20-30mins. Let it cool down for abt 10mins. Put 1 slice of lemon and 1 tablespoon of manuka honey. You'll get better after a few cups. Sponge yourself too but if your fever is not going down, just take normal panadol. Continue to BF. Get well soon!

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Personally prefer no meds. So I take panadol, ginger tea, a good multivit & Vicks on my throat. Healed in 2days. No mask but will sanitize hands if I coughed phlegm etc Also take obimin, calcium and vit c everyday.

Dry cough or phlegmy? Dry can get dextromethorphan, phlegmy guaiphenesin. Get from pharmacist

Depends which syrup. Buy Prospan or Ivy tea leaf. Can buy from unity.

Best to see a doctor to get a proper cough meds.

better not too unless prescribed by the doctor.

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I took prospan. Suitable for breastfeeding

I only take Prospan and nothing else.