cough at 22 weeks

What to do for cough? Can I take cough syrup from gp?

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Let the GP know that you are pregnant. There's a list of medications that can be given during pregnancy:) but most importantly, rest well, drink loads of warm water, and avoid food/drinks that irritate your throat. Avoid the haze too! And crowded places..

2y ago

Thanks so much!

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U have to let the doctor u are pregnant so he can prescribe medication safe for ur consumption. Otherwise u can take Prospan brand cough syrup which can be bought from guardian etc. It’s safe for pregnant and infants as well.

Inform the gp that you are pregnant and they will prescribe a safe one for pregnancies. Alternatively, u can drink warm honey water to esse ur cougj, or gargle ur mouth with salt water. Think it will help abit.

Super Mum

Yes you can tell gp you're pregnant, they will prescribe safe medications. If you want to be extra sure, visit your gynae instead. They can also prescribe medicine for you

Must let ur dr know u r pregnant