Having blocked ducts. Tortured myself hand expressing. Finally a good 100ml. And I toppled it off. Sigh.??

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Oh! That is so bad. It happens when the milk is produced more than it is being taken out. Because of this the tissue around the duct gets swollen and inflammation on the duct, causing the blockage. If this happens, you should pump out the excess milk. When you feel the breast to be hard and nerves stretched, you must either feed the baby and if it still has enough milk, pump it out. Experts also suggest that you should massage the breasts and apply warm compresses. Feeding is the best way to declass the milk ducts.

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I feel your pain! i had a lumpy boob while my LO was down with HFMD. I use a wide tooth comb. stand in front of the hot shower and soap my breast with soap so it will be easier to glide on. Comb in a downwards towards the nipple direction. Since it's at the aerola, pull the nipple out to stretch the surface area so you can comb it thoroughly. Hang in there mummy!! It gets really painful at times

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Thanks all..my areola has lumps. Went to massage no use. Even if no more engorgement the lump at areola still there n is painful

Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon. It's alright, cheer up. Big hugs

oh no momma.. hugs! hope you feel better. 😭

find Lecithin to eat! It really helps me!