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Having bad heartburn very often. Any tips or tricks?

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Ate small and frequent meals, and avoided spicy food. Also applied aafiya relieve balm at night before sleeping https://www.aafiyaessentials.com/collections/babies-essentials/products/relieve It helped release some gas the following morning😁

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Sit up straight for at least 30 minutes after eating. My gynae prescribed antacid when it got really bad so you can mention it with yours

Have small frequent meals. Try some brewed ginger water to alleviate it.

If it gets unbearable my gynae mentioned that gaviscon is fine

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Try not to overeat and figured out which food triggers it

i tried drinking soda sometimes. it could be gas

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I was told to eat slower to prevent heartburn

Can I check how many months pregnant are you?

4y ago

I'm 27 weeks

Small frequent meals and eat slower

Eat till 80 percent full then stop.