We have been trying for a second baby since 2 months ago but no luck and feeling kind of disappointed. Am not young anymore going to hit 35 yo. Our firstborn was conceived with 1 try 4 years ago. How long you take to conceive second or third baby? Stress...

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Try po ninyo ni partner magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern. Base po kasi sa experience ko ilang years na po kami ni hubby nagtry pero bigo then may nagsuggest po sa amin nito at ilang months lang po positive na po. Ngayon 4 months na po si baby namin. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo.

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Within a year. The most important thing is to stay relax and not let urself stressed about it. Go for a holiday if possible. In the meanwhile u can see TCM physician for nourishment before trying again.

Relax,stay positive ..as for me I'm 38yr old get my no 3 5mths after my 2nd...I did massage and take pregnancy supplement..u may want to try

Hugs mommy don't give up. Keep trying. Sometimes it's not up to us. Give it time and don't lose hope.

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within a year. dont stress yourself, it will happen. it takes time!! think positive ok and eat well

Don't stress yourself out too much. See a doc if you still can't after 6 months?

It’s fine. It takes a few attempts. Relax and keep trying few more times

Don’t be stressed. That’s the most important! Good luck!!

Don't be stressed it will happen! 💕 good luck!

We took 2 years before we got our second child.