How do you deal with Monthly disappointment of not getting pregnant with second kid? Have been trying for second one for 4 months now. Started eating Blackmore conceived gold and Chinese Ba Zhen soup after failing to conceive. How long do you take to conceive and if semen leaked? I noted on some days before ovulation we did intercourse, abit of semen can leak the following two days continuously

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I can understand your disappointment especially when you hope that your period will not visit you but it still came. I have been trying no 2 for more than a year. Used ovulation kit and done the deed near and during ovulation but still no good news. I also experienced the leaking of semen and even asked my husband is this due to my vagina birth if no 1. Haha. I have been under a lot of work stress recently which may affect my chances of getting pregnant. If this continues without any good news, I may visit a gynae to do a checkup. Relax yourself and give you and your husband a time frame. If still no news, do consider seeking help from professional. All the best! Baby dust to us! 😉

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5y ago

Yes especially when we also did the deed according opk. Baby dusts to all of us too!

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we tried and it takes 4 years for us to success, 3 IUI failed,1st IVF only success. During the waiting for menses, i checked pregnancy test before menses arrive so that i can prepare myself of disappointment during that period. mainly is the distress level and the waiting is a killer. u can try for ovulation kit first. if really still not success, can try to consult dr. Good Luck!

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It took me about 8 months plus and 2 rounds of IUI treatment. So tiring and disappointed. Then when I least expected I got pregnant! Get those ovulation kit from qoo10 to help me.

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Wow was it your 1st or second kid? Yes I started using the ovulation kit and managed to trace back when did I actually O. Did intercourse very near to O day monthly yet still not pregnant.

I’ve tried for 5 years!!!