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Hi moms Just wondering, how easy was it to conceive your second after your first? My husband and I have not done the did for the past 2 years since we had our first. We were so afraid of having accidental kids so we started trying only last month. I thought it was easy and a one time thing like we did with our first but when I saw it was negative I was taken aback 😅 sounds abit silly cos I know there are people who have been trying for years. But for those with number 1 how easy and any tips to conceive number 2? #advicepls #pleasehelp #firsttimemom

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Hey. My hub and I didn’t deliberately try to conceive few months before our LO turns 12months. Been having negative results as we also didn’t use ovulation prediction kits to track ovulation. I just used the period app to see my fertility period but super inaccurate. I ovulated late each time. Just when my hub n I just don’t care about ovulation n fertile window, I conceived surprisingly! I can’t even go for my planned overseas trip due to morning sickness. Some background: I even ordered ovulation prediction kits and pregnancy kits before I conceive that month. Guess it’s really God’s timing and not ours. I’ve heard of so many stories of couples having difficulty in conceiving the 2nd time and thought will happen to us. OPKs are definitely helpful in tracking the peak of ovulation.

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😊😊😊 all the best!

I thought the same thing too but I had 2 miscarriages before I'm pregnant with my 2nd now. Perhaps, it's the age, diet and stress aft having your first. For me, I was in my early thirties when I conceived my firstborn, had him straight aft we decided we're ready. I waited till my firstborn was more than 1.5 years old before we started trying again. But unfortunately I had 2 miscarriages, 5 months apart last year. It was also the year I was given more responsibilities at work and the stress cld have caused it too. A month after my last miscarriage, I decided to eat more healthily and took my prenatal supplements more regularly. We stopped intercourse for 3 months to let my body heal. A month aft trying aft tt, God bless, I conceived. Right now 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby.

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yes it’s silly to have that expectation. you were younger and the timing was probably right. you haven’t been trying for so long this time and your body has aged after the first pregnancy. the conceiving timing and frequency might not have been optimal for pregnancy. you need to do it consecutively at least 2 times before ovulation and after ovulation for higher success rates. we did it for 6 days straight across ovulation and got pregnant.

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sometimes you need to relax and not expect so much. when I try to conceive, I did some yoga and running to increase my stamina. I didn expect to conceive twins on my 2nd try . I guess that's God's will.

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On my 2nd mth of trying, i conceived. I was told my womb was on the “colder” side actually n not easy to conceive. The first mth i was actually quite stress n hoping i nail it (oops)

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Don’t stress, take it easy and keep trying until successful. When we decided to have #2 & #3, that’s what we did. And conceived within a few months.

if ure ttc, u shld consider starting folic acid too.