Bleeding during 8-9 weeks pregnant

Has any mummies went through bleeding during pregnancy in the early trimester? And what i mean by bleeding isnt spotting. Its like menstruating, only that you're not. I've been bleeding for more than 2 weeks. On and off, but sometimes its heavy; sometimes its light. Went to a&e twice and baby heartbeat is well. 1st visit, had my blood tested and my progesterone hormones came back good. Second visit, they assume that there might be bleeding in my placenta and started me on dydrogesterone to support my pregnancy. Even after taking it for a week, I'm still bleeding. Any advice?? Has anyone went through as such?

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I had bleeding for 2 weeks. Bright red. I lived everyday for that 2 wks in fear. I went to A&E 3 times & even seeked a 2nd opinion and was prescribed duphaston by both hospitals but still wasn't a good news. My pregnancy was no longer viable. My advice is bed rest as much as you can during the 1st trimester. Avoid lifting heavy loads or do heavy chores. Just rest. I did just that when I found out I'm pregnant again. 24 wks currently.

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2y ago

thats good for you! i hope all is well for you. and i pray the both of us have healthy pregnancies. went back to a&e last wk and they said baby is super active at 11 weeks. that's good news despite my bleeding. :/ but i cant deny how anxious i feel. its like im walking on ice and i have to watch every step i take.

I am experiencing this now. Irregular period previously ranges between 30-40 days. Went to A&E, was told that I am only at 5 weeks 5 days, but based on LMP of 28 days, I could be in my 7th week. So worrying. Doc prescribed duphaston and I had to go back 2 weeks later. She said there are 2 possibilities, either baby stopped growing at 5th week (if I am really in week 7) or I am really at week 5 so no heartbeat.

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1y ago

oh dear. i hope baby is well for you. i have been on duphaston(5 weeks) and anti biotics(1wk). im currently in my 14th week. i just finished my dose and will be coming back fr check up next week, hoping all will be well on my end too. I hope both our babies will grow healthily. stay safe babe!!! rest well if you can. cause being a single working mommy doesn't allow me to do that ☹

hi there can i check with u how long does the bleed stop?im currently experiencing the same was 8wks preggy on/off bleeding but doc scan bby heartbeat was ok.any advice frm u?

1y ago

you too babe! stay safe and just rest all day long. hahahaha. avoid certain food too okay! stay healthy aite. 💖 and thankyou too for the well wishes 🥰

I had bleeding for over 2 to 3 days and went to a&e. I'd say not to move too much and try to relax as much as possible.