At week 28 now. Since wednesday, i discover blood on my discharge. Especially in the morning when i wake up to pee. Had went to KK, and they discharge me on same day. Says baby heartbeat normal, no contractions. Doctor checked and say looks clean but took a sample and will update me result in 3 days. The doctor sees me less than 10mins and left. I asked one of the nurse, she is pregnant as well. If its normal.. And she say yes. Sometimes on and off bleed is normal.. I can just ignore. Unless the blood colour changes to fresh red and keep bleeding then i need to come back. Again i asked her, if it's okay to carry heavy loads etc.. She say its okay. It will not cause any bleeding most backache only. This is my first pregnancy and after the visit at Kk, i felt even more unsure about pregnancy. The blood colour on my discharge, its usually brownish pink.. Or pinkish red. Anyone encounter such during pregnancy? I jusr need some reassurance that its normal.

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Seek for second opinion just to be sure. I had brown discharge in my early pregnancy. Only to find out that I have partial placenta previa though it was old blood and the abrasion seemed to heal. and since than I had been extra careful. Btw, I was ordered a bed rest for a week. It is really really nice to stay at home to sleep all day!

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I had them during my first trimester I had 3x and my gynae gave me the an tai jab and med to eat throughout till I'm stable. I was told it's threaten abortion. I think you better find a gynae outside to check and double confirm everything is fine.

I would opt to seek a second opinion to be on the safe side cos no matter what colour the dischage is, different people different outcome. Since it is your first pregnancy, go for a second opinion for a piece of mind.

6y ago

it will be good if you can check with the doctor with regards to the bleeding. Seek second opinion otherwise if the bleeding does not stop.

If dark red/brown is ok. Is just old blood so no cause of concern. I actually carried a 32" tv on my own in wk 37 of my preg from Eunos to Punggol via mrt. No problem

6y ago

I'm actually quite petite in size. U might want to check if there is a "lump" near ur V area. I can't R.E.M. The name of that lump which is common during preg . I had that when in my first trim and I had red fresh blood discharge for a couple of time. But it is actually exterior

Best to get second opinion to me as well. I would not want to take the risk. Do keep us updated after your review. Our blessings are with you dear. Jia you!

6y ago

my report came out. there's some infection. am on medication for the next 10days and will need head back for review :)

Does youe baby move? If you worry get a private gyane to help you check.

6y ago

ok good at least better that your baby is ok. tml go n rest when collect your medicine. take care

I will seek for a second opinion. go to sgh instead

Hope all is well Joanne. :)