3 miscarriage. found out pregnant but dont know what is the next step to do now

Hi all. i had 2 natural miscarriage and 1 i had to go hospital to get it done. im now pregnant again after 3years from the last 3 miscarriage. what should i do now? which doc should i go to see or do i wait till few more weeks? pregnant at 5 weeks today

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I had 2 mc before. I went to book for gynae when i thought i was 6 weeks pregnant. But in actual fact i was 7 weeks pregnant.. gynae did not gave me any duphaston as she said everything is ok. My womb and lining was all good. Got to hear heartbeat and till now everything is going well. So my advice is just to book when ur 6 wks/7wks? Because if you go to early also wont be able to see much yet. Good luck! =)

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4y ago

Thanks dear. I have already safely delivered my baby! My rainbow baby! 😍

I had a chemical pregnancy before and I went to see my gynae when I first know I’m preg at wk4. I mention to my gynae bout my previous chemical pregnancy and was prescribe duphaston right from start. Rem to let ur gynae know bout ur previous 3 miscarriage and see ur gynae ASAP.

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No you should go see a gynae now, please don't wait for another couple of weeks. You can try Dr Benjamin Tham from Tmc but he's very popular so you may have to wait a couple of weeks. In e meantime you can perhaps go see a gp n get a referral letter to see a gynae from kk first.

5y ago

ah alright! thank you so much. i should consider going to gp and get refferal .

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If u want subsidise rate, u can go poly to get referral letter then go kkh a&e to check the baby condition.. better go asap so gynae can give u best advice! Anw congrats!! ♥️

I had 2 mc before I got pregnant again (all happened in a year).. Any gynae will do actually. My gynae prescribed me duphaston to help avoid another mc.

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Best you go see doctor soonest to monitor growth of baby. Dr. Heng Tung Lan, parkway East Hospital is a good ob-gynae Should you be living in the east

5y ago

Agreed. If high risk Dr Heng would be a good adviser

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pls see your gynae asap, so the gynae can assure you to monitor your baby growth

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depends if you prefer private or public?

Make an appointment to see a gynae.

Pls see your gynaeeee