Hi. Gynae asked me to watch my weight as I’m at third trimester. How do I gain weight slowly? For now I gained 8kg

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Not sure why your gynae would mention it, I'd say it's more important to look at baby's weight rather than yours. I gained 16kg at the end, gynae never said anything. Unless you have gestational diabetes or have an overweight baby, I think you don't need to watch your weight so much. Eating healthy food, plenty of green veggies, lean meat is always good though

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5y ago

I was quite surprised when she mentioned it. But to me, baby’s weight and growth is most important. I don't mind the weight gain

What was your weight pre pregnancy? 8 kg is supposedly a good weight gain if you're in the healthy bmi. I gained 12 kg and my gynae didn't say anything and I'm only 7 months in. But you can do light exercise, brisk walk or prenatal yoga. Cut down on high sugar food. Eat a balanced meal.

5y ago

Pre pregnancy was 60kg

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Reduce rice intake and increase fibre and protein intake instead. Avoid sweet stuff as this will cause baby overweight. Go for light walk daily to burn out some calories too.

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My gyane also ask to watch my weight. Ask me to cut down carb and basically eat healthy diet like the food pyramid :)

8 months preggy, gained 11kg and my gynae alrdy nags. I also have GD :( yeah need to eat healthier


Just eat normally I gain 22kg gave birth my girl at 36+5 weeks she's came out at 3.2kg.


Watch sugar. I had normal diet but reduced my sugar and fast food and instant food.

Gain weight is better than no gain weight... Unlike me... I dun gain weight...

5y ago

I thought so too actually! I mean I don't even bother as long as baby is healthy

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Omg. I gained 15kg till date already. I’m currently 35weeks😬

8kg is consider less. Btw dun stress urself. Try to cut down carb