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How much weight do u gain? I’m on my 2nd trimester (15 weeks day 4) and I have gained about 3kg. Is that normal? Usually how much weight will we gain by 3rd trimester?

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Hi Every pregnancy is different. Some put on a lot of weight bt some put on only a little weight. So for now, you just enjy ur pregnancy. Anything you dun feel gd jz see a dr and pls do not stress urself too much w weight concern.

I have gained almost 20kg in my 30th weeks😅 You have to check with your gynae if you are gaining enough or too much. If your gynae say you are ok, then don’t worry.

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Hahahaha same. I'm mildly jealous of everyone else now 😂😂😂

I also asked my Dr the same question. he says the most important thing is the growth of the child in the womb. if reflects normal growth then all is good :)

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Im also abit worried. At wk18 now i have gained 5kg. Hope i wouldn't be exploding into a whale... Im small size.

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hehehe TQ dear!


Gained less than 2 kg at 24 weeks. More importantly is baby’s weight. If still worried ask the doctor.

Im 31 weeks n have gained only 3.5kg. As long baby growth is ok theres nothing to worry abt

I gained 6kg during my 3rd trimester.

I gained a total of 12kg