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Guys need help, my wife will start working soon and we are trying to train our son on using bottle but its super tough! He cried and always resist the bottle. We've tried Avent, TommyTippee infant bottle yet he still resisting. Please help to share the best possible way to train him using bottle soon. Appreciate the help!

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my baby until now xmau hisap botol... sdh try tommie tippe, hegen, botol biar puting brand doctor pon xmau.. sdh msk 1 tahun masih direct bf.. now baby sdh pandai minum botol straw.. try msk dlm botol straw baby xmau juga.. minum air putih okay pula..

baby has learnt to recognized that mommy has milk. to have mommy with me is to latch. so, you or anyone else has to feed him using bottle

Try guna pigeon wide neck.. teat kena ss.. ataupun comotomo.. masa nk bg botol pastikan baby btul2 lapar

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Some baby actually memilih puting. So you have to try banyak banyak brand until you find the one yang dia nak 😅

3y ago

Tu la pasal. Ramai jugak suggest camtu. Sure2 will try this

NUK wide neck silicone teat also good sbb puting dia imitate mcm breast mummy

Nk ajar ank guna botol.. selalu kne bg ayah nye yg suapkan.. klu mak.. mmg baby xnk..

3y ago

pastu nk bg botol biar baby btul2 haus.. bru dye nk..

sama macM ank saya..klu sy pergi kerja bru dia hisap btl..try btol pgeon

sy train baby sy dlu pakai botol timmee toppee

do you try pigeon?

3y ago

Haven't yet but will do thanks thanks

kalau bf try pigeon

3y ago

Yupp! Dah beli and will try soon! Thankss