spotting or period?

Hi i got misscarriage january 2020.. for my first baby.. and still trying to have one.. yesterday i got light brown discharge turns into pink by evening later on it turns into red to dark brown.. i notice some stringy blood too but just once.. and its my first time to experience the spotting and the spotting stops until this morning.. today i got my napkin on and start bleeding again but not so heavy unlike my normal period.. My last menst was feb 6.. and i feel uncomfortable,irritable,headache,sore boobs, dizziness this past few days before i get this spotting or period.. i try to do a pt test 3 days ago but its negative.. Does anyone experience this.?? I just want to have some advice thanks.a lot.. By the way im 28 yrs old..

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Maybe because that discarge is the cause of your miscarriage. I dont experience that kind of situation but in my own opinion thats cause of your miscarriage.thats why you feel like that