Going on a business trip, in the airport, and I miss my LO incredibly. Share tips for to help me pull through this trip, please

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I'm the exact opposite of the moms here! When I went on a 2-day trip, I didn't call my kids all the time, because I would miss them even more if I did! Instead, I just focused on keeping myself busy by paying attention to the seminar I was attending, and picking out items to bring them when I got back. I would only call them before their bedtime. It also helped a lot when I prayed for the strength to get through those 2 days, and it was a comfort praying for their safety while I was away. It may not be easy being away from your little one, but you just have to think positively and remind yourself that this sacrifice is for your LO's future, and that this is only a temporary separation. Stay strong mommy! You can do this! God bless!

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Call your baby as often as you can! It will help relieve your separation anxiety if you at least talk to him/her. Whenever I go out without my baby, I'd always ask my sister to take photos and I also make sure to call him whenever time permits. Lastly, keep yourself reminded that you're doing the business trip for your family's sake, and soon you'll be home to smother kisses to your LO as soon as you finish your task. Think positive, you'll get through it! :)

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I find skype/wechat video helps to cure my separation anxiety with my kids. Also, you can easily view their pictures in your phone/camera when you miss them. For me, I will tend to buy stuff from the places I visited for my kids and make myself feel happy. Like what the mummies mentioned above, you can take this chance to have personal time and recharge your energy before returning to home to meet your kids.

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Hi Mommy, all members in the family including our yaya, mother-in-law and father-in-law have viber so we can do video calls. I even ask them to send pictures and videos every now and then. PLDT also offers a camera/cctv that you can connect to your phone so that you can view what your baby is doing at home anytime. :) Right now we are investing on getting a cctv to easily monitor our baby. :)

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You can FaceTime your baby and ask the caregiver to send you photos of baby from time to time. It will also be good to take a break by resting more so that when you are back you have all the energy to play with your baby! If time permits, maybe you can get something different for your baby. Maybe a stuffie or toy you don't get to find in Singapore.

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Yea, I agree FaceTime your Lo as often as you can. Watch the videos/photos of your LO that are saved in your smartphone. Bring a teddy, and wear your LO clothes on the teddy :)

You can watch his/her video or photos in your mobile. That's what i do whenever i go out without her. I'll sit or lie down, smiling and just reminisce every moment captured.

Take it as a short break! Think of ideas to play with your lo when you come back during your free time and write it down!

Facetime! Take this not-so-right opportunity to soak in the tub and good rest in the hotel!

skype them daily!