Gg to bring my 1 yr old boy to Taiwan in Nov. 1st overseas trip for the LO. pls share some experiences with me on what shld i lookout for, things to bring and places to visit in Taiwan! hope to get some tips in order to have a ONEderful trip for my boy!

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Medications like paracetamol and zrytex is a must for sudden fever or allergy due to different weather conditions. Nov should be quite cold in Taiwan already . I visited during Dec and their temperature falls to 10 degrees. Normal jacket didn't work for me and I can't step out of the hotel . Gotta get thick jacket for ur kid . Socks and covered shoe . Shilin night market is a must visit ! Lots of good food and affordable stuffs to buy . We were lost there in the night market and asked for directions . Communication was easy and ppl there were extremely friendly. Do bring a pram along so u don't have to carry ur one year old child all the way

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I think this article is by far the most useful yet especially for surviving the plan ride: Not sure about ur itinerary but u can check with the hotels/malls/parks if they have strollers for rent at their information counter A better option tho...I would suggest bringing along a babywearing apparel be it a ringsling or carrier or wrap as the boy could tire easily and its best to carry and let him snooze enough while u guys continue sight-seeing

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Found this blogpost that you may find useful: I personally think Taiwan is a great country to start for family travel. You will be able to communicate with the locals, traveling around via their public transport system is convenient, and there are many things to do. Hope this helps! Enjoy~~ :)

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If you are a nursing mum, try to nurse your boy during a take-off and landing as the swallowing action will help him from getting ear blocks/ache. Remember to bring these items onboard: – kid’s sweater + socks (if he’s not already wearing them) – kid's biscuits/snacks – nursing cover – wet wipes/tissue – toys – disposable bibs

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I Went to 飞牛农场. It's a nice place which there is a lot of feeding, shows (goose parade, cow milking) and handicraft session. The food there is unique. They serve fresh milk steamboat, milk pudding, milk ice cream.... A beautiful place and it's the only place my girl remember in the whole trip.

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Taiwan is a baby-friendly place. They have very nice changing rooms and breastfeeding rooms. Can get a bit cold in November though so prepare the LO's jackets. For us, we took a train to Taichung, went to CKS, went to Sun Moon Lake

I suggest your boy favourite snacks on the flight, before take -off some small books, and toys keep him entertain. extra spare sets of clothes for your boy. paracetamol is a must & spare nappies wipe and bottles purees.

Remember to bring their pillow/bolster/blankets; whichever they can fall asleep easier with. Some of their fav toys/books to keep them occupied during the journey. Paracetamol in case they are unwell during journey.

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Forget to mention, bring more long john and a winter coat as it may be cold. The weather is quite erratic these days.

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Are you only staying in the main taipei city or going other parts of taiwan?